600 Amps Battery Disconnect Switch, 2 Position Disconnect Main Switch, On/off Disconnect Switch for RV Battery, Vehicle Battery, Marine Battery, Boat Caravan, Rating 600 Amps Continuous,1000 Amps Intermittent

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The high quality main disconnect switch for your vehicle and marine. It perfectly works ranging from voltage DC 8V to DC 50V, and  with rating capacity - 1000 Amps Intermittent, 600Amps continuous at Dc12V.


Position: ON - OFF
Voltage: 8V - 50V DC
Current Rating: 600A(12V), 300A(24V), 150A(48V)
Base Size: 2.66inch x 2.66inch (68mm x 68mm) 
Height: 2.90"inch(74mm) 
Terminal studs: 4inch (10mm) diameter
Electrical life: 10000 cycles
Rated current and voltage: 300A 60V DC 
Contact resistance: 50mΩ
Insulation resistance: 100MΩ
Dielectric strength: 1500VAC / 1min 


Ignition protected - Safe for installing aboard gasoline powered boats or vehicles.Disconnect before break contact, allows switching control between battery banks without power interruption.Offers a simple economic way of isolating battery
Heavy-duty design, High-quality
Easy Installation - Comprehensive wiring diagram and installation guide.

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