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Reading Before Place Order for Recurring Customer

Since Jan 1,2023, the payment instruction and bank account is updated. Please follow the latest payment instruction and bank account information to arrange payment.


Please follow the below steps to finish the order.

a. choose your local currency if applicable, refer to top-right corner on the website

b. Login in your account or register a new account if you do not have account. Type shipping address and billing address for this order. 

c. Type order quantity

d. choose shipping method. Please be noted the time shown in shipping method is the time after goods is departure from China to you get the goods. Before the goods is departure, there is pending time in logistics agent for custom clearance and shipping schedule. For air flight, pending time is 2-7days. For Matson, it is 1-2 weeks. For other sea freights, trucking and train delivery, it is 2-4 weeks. 

e. write comment if you do have special requiremet

f. Contact us for order review.

g. After review your order, you will get notice about payment instruction for the order.

h. After you get notice about payment instruction, you can login in your account to arrange payment for this order.

i. After your payment is received, the order will be scheduled for shipping.

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