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✔️ UV LIGHT: Insect repellent are known to have chemicals. Say goodbye to an insecticide which can be harmful to your health. Zevo has no chemical insecticides, no odors, and no messes, so you can confidently use it at any room.

✔️ LIGHT BIO-ATTRACTANT: Uses a blue and UV light mixture to attract insects that mimics the sun and moons navigational light patterns. It also mimics human body temperature to draw insects in; such as mosquito, bugs, fly, fruit fly, gnat, moth and any other flying insects

✔️ ATTRACTS & ELIMINATES: Simply plug this trap and it will use an irresistible light spectrum and body heat bio-attractants to continuously attract and trap insects over time into a powerful adhesive backing you never have to touch.

✔️ 24-HOUR PROTECTION: Conveniently works day and night to help protect your family from pesky flying insects. No need to worry about the last time youve applied mosquito repellent. No more frustrations from fruit fly with this powerful fly trap indoor. It works!

✔️ WALL SCONCE: Unlike the traditional catcher, Zevos insect trap only needs to be affixed on your wall. Customers are loving this indoor wall mounted bug zapper.

Bio-selective Flying Insect Trap

Easy to Use Zevo Flying Insect Trap:

1. Plug it in.
2. Attract and Trap for 45 days.
3. Throw away dead insects.
4. Replace the trap cartridge.

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