FLASHVIN Mosquito Killer Gnat Trap for Patio with 10-Pack Glue Boards

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【New-Tech Effective Bug Control】Features in ultraviolet light and a quiet, powerful fan, after being lured by the 360°surround light, the fan sucks the insects through a grate and onto sticky, paper disks.

【More Than Just a Mosquito Killer】This insect trap using 365~395nm bright wavelength to lure more kinds of insects,can effectively catch fruit flies、gnats、moths and mosquitoes.

【Outdoor& Indoor Insect Trap】The bug zapper have IPX4 water proof design,the small size make it can go anywhere,you can use it not only in living room/kitchen/dining room,but also in patio/backyard.

【Be Safer to Use】With Low electricity usage, this mosquito killer lamp is a lot safer for pets, kids and pregnant woman. Run this device in a dark room for a day while you arent in the room,then you will see its efforts.

【Easy to Clean】The large-capacity mosquito storage box allows it to place more insects, and you just need exchange the sticky pad when fully covered and clean the bottom with water.

Fly Trap FLASHVIN Mosquito Killer for Patio Mosquito Eradicator Indoor Fruit Fly Traps,Gnat Trap Waterproof Design with Sticky Glue Boards

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