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LED MR16 LED Bulb Dimmable 3000K 50W Halogen Replacement 12VAC DC GU5.3 Base 400 Lumen 40° Beam Angle

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Saves $59 per bulb in energy costs!!

Dimmable 50 watt equivalent using only 7 watts; High power LED per watt

3000K color temperature matches the brightness & color of halogen bulbs

Mercury free = safe for the environment

Instant on at full brightness with 40 degree light dispersment

LED introduces the new industry standard with its elegant MR16 series light bulbs. Standard GU5.3 base (2 pin) with halogen light quality and color.

Bioluz LED offers beautifully styled lamps for your home, office and landscaping. Crisp and bright, Bioluz LED high performance lamps offer aesthetically pleasing designs combined with quality and energy efficiency. Now for the first time, add Bioluz LED energy efficient LEDs to your home or yard while maintaining the cosmetic beauty, brightness and color you've come to love.

What's a Kelvin? Our MR16 and GU10 bulbs are 3000 Kelvin. This represents the "color" (which is based on the temperature) of the light. When replacing Halogen bulbs, we believe our 3000K LEDs are nearly identical in color. 2700K is slightly more yellow (such as an incandescent bulb), while we find 4-5000K generates a bluish tint on objects (like at a hospital or office building).

Many brands sell and market higher Kelvin (4-5000) bulbs with lower lumens to make them "appear" brighter. Bioluz LED manufactures the correct color bulbs with exceptionally bright, energy efficient LEDs, so you get the color and brightness you're accustomed to without the harsh effect of higher color temperatures.

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