12v Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner VC360, Portable Carpet Cleaner for Car 120W 4000pa with Cigarette Plug Cleaning Pet Hair, Soot, Bread Crumbs and etc - Blue

Brand: NOOX
Product Code: WGA3575
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With 4.5 meters(14.8ft) power cord, you can clean anywhere in your car, perfect for suvs car and etc. Note: Please cool the motor down after 20 minutes usage to prevent vacuum from burnning out. Please wash the filter and container in time to extend using life

The HEPA filter is removable, washable and reusable. This vacuum uses larger motor than other portable vacuums in the market so it can provide stronger suction.

Attached with several different cleaner attachments, the brush is to vacuum hair and wool fabric, The soft long tube and the straight long mouth is to vacuum deep garbage.One-step fingertip on/off to empty dirts in the container, simple and easy to use

The vacuum starts to work after the cigarette lighter was pluged into DC 12V cigarette lighter sockets and the switch is on.

With a super 5000PA power, the vacuum cleaner to absorb garbage like pet hair, wool fabric,shells, cigarette ash, leaves, crumbs and other small things in car. Compact, portable, simple is what NOOX pursuit in designing this vacuum cleaner

With this vacuum cleaner, you can reach to the far back of car trunk with 4.5 meters power cord. One click to clean all the dirts, pet hair and small sands which are considered to be boring produced in our daily car life. Compact and easy to use, big power compared to the same standard vacuums in car. Washable and reusable hepa filter is good for reuse day to day (You are suggested to cool the motor down after each 10 or 20 minutes work to extend use life of vacuum)

Color: Black
Voltage: DC 12V
Size: 35*8.5*9cm
Weight: 0.85kg

1. Start the car power system
2. Insert the cigarette lighter plug into DC 12V cigarette lighter port
3. Push the switch button forward to absorb trash
4. Use attachments to clean different rubbish and extend the cord to clean places difficult to reach
5. Press the switch button to loosen the dust container to empty garbage
6. Clean the filter and container carefully and make sure the filter and container is dry and clean before use the cleaner next time

1 *120W car vacuum cleaner
1 * Brush
1 * EVA Soft Tube With 2 Connectors
1 * Bread Crevice Tool
1 * User Manual
1 * Warranty Card

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