Oriflame Electric Mosquito & Fruit Fly Trap,Mosquito/Insect Killer-USB Electric Mosquito Trap Lamp-1 Pack
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Oriflame Electric Mosquito & Fruit Fly Trap,Mosquito/Insect Killer-USB Electric Mosquito Trap Lamp-1 Pack

Brand: Oriflame
Product Code: LD22549
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*❀Working Principle :Using the phototaxis of mosquitoes, the mosquito trap lamp beads emit light to lure mosquitoes, plus the micro-temperature effect to simulate the humid atmosphere of carbon dioxide, the fan stirs the surrounding air to form a vortex. Once the mosquito is sucked into the capture window, it will not escape the vortex and captured. After about a month, the mosquitoes were dehydrated to death.

*❀Safety and Health: The mosquito trap has no radiation, no toxicity, no chemical substances, and no noise. It is an ideal choice for baby nurseries or adult bedrooms, and it guarantees human health and environmental safety.

*❀Cleaning Products: When you need to clean and disinfect the mosquito trap, just open the container under the product, pour the mosquito body into the trash, and then rinse and disinfect.

*❀Simple and Portable: The mosquito trap interface is a USB interface, which is suitable for various adapters with USB ports, such as mobile power supplies, computers, power banks, and notebooks. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

*❀After Sale Service: Enjoy a mosquito-free environment and say goodbye to painful bites! You can contact us if you have any problems with mosquito trap, we will answer within 24 hours.

Package Includes

Mosquito Trap X 1


1.Due to mosquitoes are sensitive to light and heat sources. They like dark, humid, and warm places, so when nobody is at home, it is more effective to put the mosquito killer lamp in the kitchen, storage room, etc.

2.Mosquitoes usually infest at night, and mosquitoes  are the most rampant at 7~8PM in bedroom. You can turn on the mosquito killing lamp in advance to remove mosquitoes in advance for your bedroom and enjoy a  mosquito-free night.

3.Within one Month, please do not open the chassis of the mosquito killer container to prevent undehydrated mosquitoes from escaping.

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