41050 Bug Zapper Replacement UV Bulbs for Dynatrap by Technical Precision – Bug Zapper Light Bulb for Ultraviolet Mosquito Killer Lamp Mosquito Trap – Half-Acre Trap Replacement Bulb – 2 Pack

Brand: Technical Precision
Product Code: LD22722
Availability: In Stock

Don’t Let Bugs Annoy You - Enjoy your life without the hassle of annoying insects and their painful bites! Use our outdoor or indoor bug zapper bulb to eliminate unwanted insects!

Perfect Size - Our 7-watt insect killer light bulb is the ideal size for any family gathering or camping trip fitting a half (1/2) acre trap, a perfect mosquito repellent for a patio.

Long Lasting – Lasting up to 3,000 hours or 4 months, our mosquito lamp UV bulb replacement will provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy life mosquito free!

Bug Zapper Light Bulb Replacement – The following bug zapper mosquito UV light traps will work with our bulb, including: DT250IN, DT300IN, DT1000-12V, DT1050, DT1100, DT1200, and DT1250.

EPA Est No. 97601-FL-1

Technical Precision Replacement - 2 Bulbs - EPA Est No. 97601-FL-1

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