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Jiawill High Powerful Smartphone Compatible Bluetooth RGB LED Controller - Waterproof -10 Amps/Channel

Brand: Jiawill Tech
Product Code: WGA36391
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Smartphone control using Bluetooth technology

Powerful, Maximun load is 360watts at 12volts or 720 watts at 24volts

Waterproof RGB LED controller , Dynamic or static color modes

Customized color, brightness, and timer settings

Custom color-changing sequence capability

This waterproof RGB LED controller lets you operate RGB LED strip lights with your smartphone (IOS 7 or Android 4.3 and above). Choose from numerous color-changing, single-color, and white modes, or create a custom color-changing sequence. Easily adjust mode speed, brightness, and timer settings, and create customized colors. While using this controller, you can connect to 1 additional Bluetooth source. Power-cycle mode retention allows your light strip to return to the mode that was selected before it was powered off. The waterproof RGB LED controller has a maximum load capacity of 10 amps per channel and is compatible with LED light strips that operate within a 12-24 VDC range. Maximum load is 360 watts at 12 volts or 720 watts at 24 volts. Wire connectors and mounting hardware are included. Specification: Waterproof: IP68 Input Voltage:DC(12-24)Volts Working Temperature:-20-55℃ Wattage:≤72W / 96W Channel: RGB Output Current: 3*10A Suitable System on Smartphone:Android 4.3 or IOS 7.0 or higher Load Watts : 12V/360W, 24V/720W

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