Air Fryer Accessories Fits All 3.2QT - 5.3QT - 5.8QT - Non-stick Barrel / Pan + Stainless Steel Holder / Double-layer Rack with Skewers+ Silicone Mat + Palm Leaf Pot Brush

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With this universal Air fryer accessories, you can make good food in your kitchen everyday, follow your mind.Bake your favorite cake in the Cake Barrel, cook delicious pizza in the Pizza Pan, maximize your cooking surface with the Metal Holder and make skewers with the Multi-Purpose Rack! More important is you do not take long time to clean these accessories.

Air Fryer Accessory Kit Includes:
1 x 7 inch Cake Barrel
1 x 7 inch Pizza Pan
1 x 7 inch Metal Holder
1 x 7 inch Multi-Purpose Rack with Skewers
1 x 7 inch Silicone Mat
1 x 9 inch Palm Leaf Pot Brush
1x silicone oil brush
1x silicone glove clip

Cake Barrel:The cake barrel will help you a lot. Make some delicious cake here, convenience and easy maneuverability
Pizza Pan:You can use it to make pizza, cookies and whatever biscuit you like. With the pizza pan, the possibilities are limitless
Skewer Rack:You can put some vegetables and kabobs here. (It’s Multi-Purpose Rack not only maximizes your cooking space, but it also comes with 4 skewers.)
Metal Holder:Maximize the cooking area. Prepare your food as desired and place one layer of food in the air fryer basket as usual. Next, place this Metal Holder on top and finally add your second layer of food on the metal grate.
Silicone Mat:The Silicone Mat provides you with a heat-resistant surface to place your hot accessories on. Keep Safe.
Pot Brush: Normally it will take longer time to clean skewer ran, pizza pan, cake barrel. Now with pot brush, it is easily clean these accessories after you use them.

1.Before these accessories cool down, please do not touch the accessories.
2.Please use this palm leaf pot brush to clean cake barrel, pizza pan, skewer rack, adding  a little liquid dish detergent for quick clean.

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