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Product Code: LD22734 Brand: ckyuna
Material ABS.Waterproof passed XP waterproof test.Input voltage 90V to 130 Hz.Grid power 3600 to 4200 V.Light source 18W fluorescent lamp light.Rated power 18 W...
Product Code: LD22853 Brand: ckyuna
Pull out the ribbon slowly, and hand it where flying insects mostly found (under the ceiling, under the light source, plant branches, etc.).When the ribbon is full of insects, take it down and wrap in a wastepaper and dispose in trash can.If touch the glue accidentally, just wash your hands with som..
Product Code: LD22781 Brand: ckyuna
Fungus gnat trap made of paper and high quality adhesive, by bright yellow color and the glue will draw in flying insects, trap them.Made from non-toxic material, high and low temperature resistant and waterproof, use indoors and outdoors with no negative effect on the environment.Wwidely capture a ..
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