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3-in-1 LED Solar Lights with 20 Bright Nodes,Wireless Weatherproof Security Solar Light Motion Sensor Lamp and 3 Intelligent Modes

Brand: Acouto
Product Code: WGLED002
Availability: In Stock

Wegner Solar Security Light Brighten Your Way Home, with 3 Intelligent Modes of Operation: Strong Long Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, and Strong Light Sensor Mode.

The light is now equipped with 20 bigger LED lights, which is far more brighter than other similar LED lights in the market. And what is more, we increase the battery capacity from 600mAh to 1500mAh ,thus getting some two more hour duration. Water proof design and smart sensor built-in enable the light perfect performance.

Strong Long Light Mode: Light auto turns on from dusk to dawn in medium brightness.
Dim Light Sensor Mode: Light auto turns on from dusk to dawn in dim light, auto turns into bright light for 15- 20 seconds when motion detected.
Strong Light Sensor Mode: Light auto turns on in bright light for 15-20 seconds when motion detected, and then turns off automatically.

Package Included
1* Solar Lights
2* Screws
1* Manual

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